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GDPR Policies

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

we would like to bring you up to date with the changes we are making to the system to ensure GDPR compliance.

Our Customers will need to Opt-In to our GDPR policy to allow us to store their data. For a web user customer of the E-Filing company software, you as a user will be asked the new GDPR opt in question when registering or paying for an order.  This will appear at the end of the order process below the T&C’S.

If you are a returning user who has previously opted-in, you will not see the question again and if you wish to opt-out you will need to go to the My Account area where you can update your preference.

Every night the E-Filing system will check user accounts that have opted out of GDPR. The system will disable and anonymise the account and all its contents if they are no longer ‘active’.   We will identify an ‘active’ customer as follows;

  • Customer has logged in or visited your website as a logged in customer within a five-year timeframe as the prescribed record keeping requirements within the Money Laundering Regulations 2017.
  • Has pending orders, this includes Companies House form filings.
  • Has pending leads still outstanding with a partner.
  • Has active services running, such as a Registered Address service.
  • Has positive account or negative account balance.

For full details of our policies see out full DGPR document in our privacy page.

Company Registrations – Companies House Service Update

Suspension on service 9 October

We have been advised by Companies House that submissions to them should cease at midday on Friday 9 October 2015 whilst they carry out updates to their system, and that they will also cease processing Same Day company formation requests after 10am on the same Friday.

The changes to the systems are to enable part two of the roll out of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act which takes effect on the 10th October 2015.

This message is to make you aware that we will pause submissions to Companies House for company registrations at 11:30am on Friday 9th October. During this time we will queue all form submissions until we re-enable the submissions on Monday morning.

During this time you can continue to place orders for company registrations and we can undertake any order reviews and releasing of orders for processing. However, no companies will be incorporated and no companies will be accepted by Companies House during their down time.

We expect the backlog of submissions and order updates will take more than a day to resolve, but Companies House will commence that on Monday but that may take a while to work through and we ask for a little patience at this time since these are elements beyond our control.


Email reminders for Annual Documents

Companies House state companies who have switched to email reminders from paper are more likely to file their accounts and annual return on time.

Recent analysis carried out of the Companies House reminder service, which tells companies when their accounts and annual return are due for filing, has shown that email reminders are more successful than paper reminders.

Those companies who have switched to email reminders have improved their compliance rates and, as a result, are less likely to get a penalty for filing their accounts late.

As a company user of Business tax Centre’s electronic filing system your company or companies logged on our system will automatically have this email reminders sent. There is no need to further register the service at Companies House

We recommend that all companies register for the email reminder service. Companies House do intend to withdraw paper reminders in the future as part of their aim to become a fully-digital organisation

Christmas and Festive Season Opening Times

Christmas and Festive Season Opening Times

That time of year again, when myself and Irma actually get a week off! Of course our online company formations and customer AML verification searches do not go off, they run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The various Companies House’s though will shut on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, and Edinburgh also closes on the 2nd of January. They will also close early on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  Of course there will be no company filings processed during these times.

At Company Registrations UK our last of despatch of physical documents to get there before will be on Friday 19th of December. Of course online PDF’s generated by the systems will be delivered automatically by email as normal.

During Christmas week there will not be telephone support on the 22nd, 23rd and Christmas Eve. We will have some limited email support.

The following week, 29th 30th and 31st we will have email support and some telephone support, this will also apply to the 2nd of January, since Scotland is on holiday still.

Full service will be back to normal on Monday January 5th 2015.

Season’s greetings to you all.


Own Limited Company? Manage it from our company manager for free.

Our company manger allows you to store a company on your admin portal, this means that you can carry out the company filing tasks, you normally associate with Companies House web filing and other management tasks.

The ‘My Account Management’ Portal provides you with an overview of where your company is up to. Through your portal your can manage your details;

• You can pay your account on line,
• Allocate emails for billing separate from incorporations
• View order history
• Get copy invoices
• View payment history

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How do I transfer shares between shareholders?

Here’s how to transfer your limited company’s shares

Transferring shares between shareholders in a UK limited company is not as simple as changing a company director. There is not a simple companies House form to be filed.

The transfer procedures first requires a completed stock transfer form.

Transferring shares between shareholders, which is from one person to another, means that shares are subject to a change in ownership. The stock transfer form is the document that details this change of legal ownership. The document requires the following information:

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Do I need an accountant after my company registration?

When you are self-employed or in employment your tax affairs dealt through “PAYE” (Pay As You Earn) or through self-assessment. Tax and national insurance are deducted from their pay, or paid on account to HMRC usually this is then the end of the matter. When you start a company by company registration it means you may not be looking after your own tax affairs, you are now the director of a limited company. As an owner/manager of a company it is expected your declare earnings and dividends by completing a self-assessment tax return annually.

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Companies House logo change for UK Company Registrations

Companies House logo change for UK Company Registrations

From 6 October 2013 the Companies House website and online services will display the Royal Coat of Arms in place of the old Companies
House logo, in the first phase of adopting the new single government identity.

For users of the UK Company Registry it will make identification clearer by Government’s use of the Royal Coat of Arms and makes it more distinguishable, allowing customers to easily identify when they are communicating with a government organisation.

This logo will be a part of the new certificates of incorporation for all future UK Company Registrations issued by Companies House and in a staged
rollout will appear on all letters, envelopes documents and forms.


Company Registration – How to

When unemployment is high and wages low, it can be tempting to go it alone.  Although it can be daunting, starting your own business can be extremely rewarding.  You can do what you really love and be in total control of every aspect of it, not to mention the amount of money you could earn.  There are three methods of company formation; using Companies House, using an accountant or lawyer, or using a company registration agent.

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