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Using A Company Formation Agent

Thinking of starting up your own company? Even if you have a brilliant idea for a new business, you’re probably a little bit unsure of what you need to do first. And if you want to obtain Limited status, you may feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. Company formation agents can assist you in the formation and registration of your new company with Companies House.

While a solicitor can assist you with the process of company formation, but often this can cost a lot money, and take a long time.

Using a company formation service can save you a lot of hassle and money. Most company formation agents offer different package deals based on the type and size of your business, so that the service you receive is tailor-made. You only pay what you need to pay, and the whole process usually only takes from a few hours up to one day.

They can take care of all the legal ins and outs, create all the necessary paper forms that you need, and make sure that you are doing things properly to avoid problems in the future.

Often these services also provide you with assistance and advice on other issues you have in your business or company, without the excessive fees you would pay a solicitor. Try to find a package that offers you the most support for your money.

If you don’t know who to choose, ask around. Try to find some new limited businesses in your area and ask them what company formation service they used.

Building Your Brand

Have you started your own business? Or maybe you have had a small business for several years, but are ready to expand. Building your brand will help you expand your business and bring in more revenue. But how do you get started?

If you have not already done so, the first step to building your brand is to choose a name for your company. Try to choose a unique name that will stick in peoples minds, but also signifies the field your business operates in.

Now that you have a name for yourself, register your company with Companies House. Company registration is a big step toward building your brand because it assures you that you are doing things legally and above board, assures HMR Revenue and Customs that you are taking things seriously, and assures your customers that you mean business.

A company registration agency can help your company set themselves up as a limited company. Remember, it is illegal to trade under a limited companies name without a limited company registration number, which your company formation agent can deliver from Companies House.

Now you need to enhance your presence in the business world. If you have a high street shop, you should put your business address in the telephone directory, and have a sign put on your shop. You should also have a web site. And using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can also help you build your brand.

These are just basic steps to help  you get started with building your brand.

How to Choose a Company Formation Agent

If you are ready to apply for UK Limited Company status, you may be unsure of where to start. You can, of course, apply directly to Companies House. However, involving a third party may give you the reassurance you need that you are doing things properly, and that everything will run smoothly once the wheels are in motion.

But how do you choose a company formation agent? Here are some tips to help you choose the company formation agent that is right for you.

Choose an agent that offers company formation from scratch. You can actually purchase companies that are already formed, and then go through the process of having the name changed. But this will take more time and hassle. Even if you have to pay for a more expensive package, in the long run you are better off starting from scratch.

You should also choose an agent that offers you full support and advice while you are going through the process of company formation. You should not have to pay an additional fee after you have purchased a company formation package. Remember, a reputable company formation agent should be happy to help.

The fees will exceed the Companies House fees, but they are a time-saving way of sorting your documentation, leaving you to handle the day to day runnings of your business. Our company formation agents can have you trading under a limited company within 48 hours. For more information, visit our website today.

Company Registration: Online Versus Paper

The company formation process is one initially greeted with groans of displeasure when first thought of. It is expected by default to be long, drawn-out and incredibly difficult to understand, which is exactly what you don’t need if you are trying to get a business off the ground.

However, like most things in the internet-age, even registering your company can be done much quicker and easier if you consult authorised online experts partnered with Companies House.

The paper process for company registration involves sending an array of essential documents to the Registrar of Companies – along with a hefty registration fee. These documents include Articles of Association; the document which details the unique rules that govern how a company’s internal affairs are run. In conjunction with completing and sending this document, company owners will also have to get these articles signed in front of a witness to assure validity of the signature.

Forms 10 and 12 are also required in the paper-based process of company formation. These forms give personal details about the first directors, secretary and address of the company office, along with an official statutory declaration signed by a solicitor. Again, a witness is required when these documents are signed, and there is even a fee that needs to be paid to the witness.

The key difference with company registrations online is that electronically, a Form 12 or statutory declaration is not required; thus making the process considerably simple and short-winded. In fact, the current record published by Companies House for forming a company online is just 5 minutes.

Here at UK Company Registrations, we have direct links to Companies House, so you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with recognised experts when you decide to register a company of any kind.

Which Type of Company Do you Have?

Here at UK Company Registrations, we can register many different types of companies – all depending on how your company operates, what kind of company it is and what your organisations goals are.

Whether you are operating a more common Private Company Limited by Shares or a Public Company Limited by Shares, company formation can be made easy if you choose us.

If you are finding yourself unsure about what type of company you have, and how you can register yourself, below is a list of the types of companies we can register you as.

–    Private Company Limited by Shares: these types of companies have ‘normal’ trading purposes, but members have limited liability. On the upside, a company secretary isn’t required, although these companies can have a sole director and shareholder; along with multiple corporate officers.

–    Private Company Limited by Guarantee: non-profit organisations are associated with being put under the umbrella of this type of business, as it is suitable for large membership organisations. Companies can also apply for charitable status if they become this type of company.

–    Public Company Limited by Shares: bigger companies that are seeking a more prominent public profile should opt to become this type of company, as they have an extremely high capital commitment. Due to this, they must have at least 2 directors and shareholders to accommodate this size, and employ a specifically qualified secretary.

–    Limited Liability Partnerships: organisations looking for limited liability status will find that this is the umbrella for them, as it still allows them to keep their individual tax status.

At UK Company Registrations, we make your company our business, and aim to help our clients find the solutions which are right for them as easily as possible.

Find What You’re Looking for from UK Company Registrations

To make the process of finding a company registration package that’s right for you as simple as possible, we at UK Company Registrations have taken the liberty of including one easy-to-read comparison interface on our website; ensuring that you can compare each and every single one of the services offered within our packages to decipher which one is right for your business.

We know how annoying and frustrating it can be to have to spend hundreds of pounds too much for a service that you won’t be making the most out of. Packages of all kinds available online rarely seem to be broken down enough so that people are only paying for what they actually need, rather than dozens of added extras that they’ll never use.

Our company formation packages (E-Formation, E-Formation Plus, Standard and Professional) range in price according to their Standard Contents, Free Services, Package Upgrades and Optional Service Extras to offer customers exactly what they need, with any added extras completely optional.

In conjunction with this, we have also worked to make each of our company registration packages incredibly comprehensive and include an array of different things to offer. In fact, the only contents that change in terms of inclusion are Printed Certificate of Incorporation, 3 x Printed and Bound copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, PDF Completed Registers, board minutes and share certificates, and loose leaf combined company register.

Package upgrades and optional extra services are available with any package purchased, as are the essential PDF Certificate of Incorporation, PDF Memorandum & Articles of Association and Companies House Filing Fee.

We aim to ensure that you’re getting not only the best quality for your money, but that you don’t waste your time or funds on things that are inappropriate for your business.

Issues with Company Names

Before any company can be registered, it needs to have a name, and this is something that shouldn’t be left to luck of the draw, impulse or last-minute decision making.

The name of your company needs to be memorable, simple and relevant in regards to what your company offers, or the people operating it.

If you have found a company name that reflectss everything that your company is about, you won’t be pleased to find out that another company already operating has an identical name; rendering your well-thought-out company name useless.

In terms of company formation and registration, it is common knowledge that the name of your company cannot be the same as any other company appearing in the index of company names.

However, as of October 2009, there are certain circumstances in which this rule can be sidestepped.

If you are adamant that you do not wish to change your desired company name during the company registration process, there are some steps you can take to make sure that your preferred name stay as close to the original ideal as possible.

If your preferred company name is ‘Johnson & Sons Limited’, for example, you can retain the essence of this name and get it registered even if it is identical to one already in the index, simply by changing it to ‘Johnson & Sons (UK) Limited’.

The company already in the index will need to be contacted, and consent will need to be gained from them for this to be possible, but for budding companies determined to retain their name in the purest form possible, this new ‘loophole’ will prove incredibly useful.

Becoming Limited: The Benefits

Many small business partnerships don’t realise the benefits that becoming a recognised Limited company could have for them – especially in the economic downturn. Credibility, limited liability, and lower taxes to pay are just some of the outright benefits that becoming ‘Limited’ can have for you if you are currently operating as self-employed or as part of a partnership.

However, many people will initially dismiss the idea of becoming ‘Limited’ due to the fact that there is inherent money to spend in order to get a company registered with Companies House.

To make the benefits clearer, compiled below is a list of potential advantages that becoming ‘Limited’ could have for you:

–    You will avoid the risk of becoming liable for any financial issues
–    Any tax bills will be significantly reduced
–    The word ‘Limited’ resonates an air of prestige that will stand out against other businesses
–    Your company’s name will be registered in the company index, which means that it cannot be replicated and used by another company
–    Profits can be taken out as dividends, which will reduce liability to pay NICs
–    Company ownership is more defined, so it is clearer to see which shareholders are entitled to specific amounts of profit

At UK Company Registrations, we are company registration agents dedicated to providing budding businesses with everything they could possibly need – all in a simple package of your choice – to become ‘Limited’.

You have more chance of becoming recognised for your professionalism as a company if you undergo professional company formation, and can soon be on your way to reaping all the benefits that becoming ‘Limited’ has to offer.

What’s in a company name?

At UK Company Registrations, we specialise in guiding you smoothly through the entire process of company registration. We are the premium company formation agents in the country and we help you at every stage: from conception to registration. We can even help you choose an appropriate name for your new registered company. There are certain guidelines and legal restrictions over which name you are able to choose for your company.

Obviously, your company name cannot be identical to that of another firm on the company register. You also want to choose a name which is unique, resonant and memorable, and not just reflects your products and services, but also your company ethos. Of course, your chosen company name cannot be x-rated or offensive and you must bear in mind that the suffix ‘Ltd’  will follow any name you choose, so this may affect your decision. Professional titles such as dentist, doctor etc are subject to stringent control and approval. If your company operates internationally or is part of a conglomerate group, proof may be required before you include any of this information in your name.

Because of our vast experience in company registration and our proud record as company registration agents, we can expertly advise you of any potential pitfalls in the process and ensure that your company name is legal, approved and also makes your new business prominent and memorable. Your products and services may be superior to competitors but your company name is the first introduction to them, so we can guide you through this essential and important decision.