Building Your Brand

Have you started your own business? Or maybe you have had a small business for several years, but are ready to expand. Building your brand will help you expand your business and bring in more revenue. But how do you get started?

If you have not already done so, the first step to building your brand is to choose a name for your company. Try to choose a unique name that will stick in peoples minds, but also signifies the field your business operates in.

Now that you have a name for yourself, register your company with Companies House. Company registration is a big step toward building your brand because it assures you that you are doing things legally and above board, assures HMR Revenue and Customs that you are taking things seriously, and assures your customers that you mean business.

A company registration agency can help your company set themselves up as a limited company. Remember, it is illegal to trade under a limited companies name without a limited company registration number, which your company formation agent can deliver from Companies House.

Now you need to enhance your presence in the business world. If you have a high street shop, you should put your business address in the telephone directory, and have a sign put on your shop. You should also have a web site. And using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can also help you build your brand.

These are just basic steps to help  you get started with building your brand.