Find What You’re Looking for from UK Company Registrations

To make the process of finding a company registration package that’s right for you as simple as possible, we at UK Company Registrations have taken the liberty of including one easy-to-read comparison interface on our website; ensuring that you can compare each and every single one of the services offered within our packages to decipher which one is right for your business.

We know how annoying and frustrating it can be to have to spend hundreds of pounds too much for a service that you won’t be making the most out of. Packages of all kinds available online rarely seem to be broken down enough so that people are only paying for what they actually need, rather than dozens of added extras that they’ll never use.

Our company formation packages (E-Formation, E-Formation Plus, Standard and Professional) range in price according to their Standard Contents, Free Services, Package Upgrades and Optional Service Extras to offer customers exactly what they need, with any added extras completely optional.

In conjunction with this, we have also worked to make each of our company registration packages incredibly comprehensive and include an array of different things to offer. In fact, the only contents that change in terms of inclusion are Printed Certificate of Incorporation, 3 x Printed and Bound copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, PDF Completed Registers, board minutes and share certificates, and loose leaf combined company register.

Package upgrades and optional extra services are available with any package purchased, as are the essential PDF Certificate of Incorporation, PDF Memorandum & Articles of Association and Companies House Filing Fee.

We aim to ensure that you’re getting not only the best quality for your money, but that you don’t waste your time or funds on things that are inappropriate for your business.