How to Become a Limited Company

For those who want to achieve UK Limited Company status for their business, to become a limited company you need a registration number from Companies House. This will then allow you to be listed with all the other limited companies in the UK. A company can request all the forms that  they required to be filled in by Company House. There is a standard fee of £20 for company registration, or a larger fee for express processing.

However, is the cheapest way the best? Not necessarily. If you struggle with legal terminology, tax forms, or even simply hate paperwork, going to a solicitor or a company formation agent might be the way to go.

The services of a company formation agent will definitely cost more than approaching Companies House yourself, but you will be reassured that everything goes smoothly, and not have to worry about errors, or leaving something out. Do some research to find a company registration service that suits your needs. And try to find one that offers unlimited support and advice, as sometimes you may need to ask questions about the process.

Some people prefer to go to a solicitor for company formation assistance, but this can be extremely expensive. Solicitors often charge a high rate per hour, whether they are filling in the forms, talking on the phone with Companies House, or advising you on something.

Review the different ways  possible to achieve UK Limited Company status, and decide which method is best for you.