Online Company Registrations Can Save You Time and Money

When you’re starting your own business, you become very aware of where your money is going and coming from.  Anything that can save money, while still giving an excellent service, is greatly appreciated.  Completing your company registrations online can offer just this.

If you are forming a company in the UK, then it is necessary to communicate with Companies House.  They require you to complete many forms by hand, and then piece together necessary documentation.  This is also done via the post, and can take weeks, or even months, to complete.  The longer you’re waiting for this process to be finalised, the longer you have to wait for your company to start making money.

Company registrations online remove this hassle.  By communicating directly with Companies House over the Internet, a company can be set up in a matter of hours.  Unfortunately, you are still required assemble all the relevant information, which can often require the help of a solicitor.  This can also be a difficult option for those who are not proficient with computers or the Internet.

These niggles can be eliminated by using a company registration agent.  They charge a very reasonable fee, and can complete a company registration on your behalf.  They will also provide you with all the necessary documentation.  Company registration agents also provide additional services that you would not get otherwise, such as hard copies of your articles of association, as well as help and services for tax and accounting.