Select a great company name

If you are about to engage in a company formation, you will have to come up with a name for your company to provide to Companies House. At first, this issue may seem relatively straightforward. However, there are many different points you must bear in mind. Firstly, the company name you select may have a profound impact on your ability to succeed. After all, customer will deduce a great deal from your company name and in business, first impressions count for a lot. It is therefore vital that you put considerable thought into your name before you complete the company registration process. Meanwhile, it is also essential to check that the proposed name does not breach any rules on name endings, such as the so-called ‘same as’ regulations.

Furthermore, your title must not include a prescribed or sensitive word unless you get permission first. Also, when you are undergoing a company formation, your name must end with ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’. Another point to bear in mind is that the name mustn’t be offensive. When it comes to the company registration process itself, you can leave this to our expert team here at Company Registrations UK.

We have a great deal of experience in such matters and know all there is to know about them. This means we are perfectly placed to engage in the task on your behalf and you can trust us to complete the process successfully. Indeed, thanks to our efficient company registration systems, we can finish the task within a matter of hours.