Which Type of Company Do you Have?

Here at UK Company Registrations, we can register many different types of companies – all depending on how your company operates, what kind of company it is and what your organisations goals are.

Whether you are operating a more common Private Company Limited by Shares or a Public Company Limited by Shares, company formation can be made easy if you choose us.

If you are finding yourself unsure about what type of company you have, and how you can register yourself, below is a list of the types of companies we can register you as.

–    Private Company Limited by Shares: these types of companies have ‘normal’ trading purposes, but members have limited liability. On the upside, a company secretary isn’t required, although these companies can have a sole director and shareholder; along with multiple corporate officers.

–    Private Company Limited by Guarantee: non-profit organisations are associated with being put under the umbrella of this type of business, as it is suitable for large membership organisations. Companies can also apply for charitable status if they become this type of company.

–    Public Company Limited by Shares: bigger companies that are seeking a more prominent public profile should opt to become this type of company, as they have an extremely high capital commitment. Due to this, they must have at least 2 directors and shareholders to accommodate this size, and employ a specifically qualified secretary.

–    Limited Liability Partnerships: organisations looking for limited liability status will find that this is the umbrella for them, as it still allows them to keep their individual tax status.

At UK Company Registrations, we make your company our business, and aim to help our clients find the solutions which are right for them as easily as possible.