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Own Limited Company? Manage it from our company manager for free.

Our company manger allows you to store a company on your admin portal, this means that you can carry out the company filing tasks, you normally associate with Companies House web filing and other management tasks.

The ‘My Account Management’ Portal provides you with an overview of where your company is up to. Through your portal your can manage your details;

• You can pay your account on line,
• Allocate emails for billing separate from incorporations
• View order history
• Get copy invoices
• View payment history

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Do I need an accountant after my company registration?

When you are self-employed or in employment your tax affairs dealt through “PAYE” (Pay As You Earn) or through self-assessment. Tax and national insurance are deducted from their pay, or paid on account to HMRC usually this is then the end of the matter. When you start a company by company registration it means you may not be looking after your own tax affairs, you are now the director of a limited company. As an owner/manager of a company it is expected your declare earnings and dividends by completing a self-assessment tax return annually.

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Choosing a good company formation agent

You know you want to start your company formation; you know the easiest way is to handle your company registration online, but how? And who to choose? Is cheapest best? All company formation agents should achieve a company registration with Companies House, but have you got the best value for money from your company registration agent handling the company formation he has just undertaken on your behalf?

A company registration is a legal procedure best undertaken by a company formation agent who is qualified to undertake the company registration process. Many are professional accountants for solicitors who are supervised by their professional body for compliance and quality issues, they will also have Professional Indemnity Insurance which should help give you piece of mind. Look for the logo of the supervisory body on the website of the company formation agent you are considering or read the about us text on the online site. Your good professional company formations agent will be licensed by the relevant professional body for the company registration process. Here at Companies Registrations UK we are licensed and supervised by the Association of Accounting Technicians AAT).

The online company registration process is quite straight forward, after all the company registration is simply the online submission to Companies House of the required information to enable Companies House to decide if they will incorporate your company. But have you complied with the Companies Act? There are many aspects to the compliance requirements of the Companies Act, firstly the completion of the company registers and the issuing of share certificates for the subscriber shareholders. This also should extend to the minutes of the first meeting of the directors of the newly incorporated company.

A good company registration agent will provide a company formation package for you to choose as a part of the company registration online application to help you with these Companies Act compliance issue. At Companies Registrations UK we provide these compliance packages.