Company Registration: Online Versus Paper

The company formation process is one initially greeted with groans of displeasure when first thought of. It is expected by default to be long, drawn-out and incredibly difficult to understand, which is exactly what you don’t need if you are trying to get a business off the ground.

However, like most things in the internet-age, even registering your company can be done much quicker and easier if you consult authorised online experts partnered with Companies House.

The paper process for company registration involves sending an array of essential documents to the Registrar of Companies – along with a hefty registration fee. These documents include Articles of Association; the document which details the unique rules that govern how a company’s internal affairs are run. In conjunction with completing and sending this document, company owners will also have to get these articles signed in front of a witness to assure validity of the signature.

Forms 10 and 12 are also required in the paper-based process of company formation. These forms give personal details about the first directors, secretary and address of the company office, along with an official statutory declaration signed by a solicitor. Again, a witness is required when these documents are signed, and there is even a fee that needs to be paid to the witness.

The key difference with company registrations online is that electronically, a Form 12 or statutory declaration is not required; thus making the process considerably simple and short-winded. In fact, the current record published by Companies House for forming a company online is just 5 minutes.

Here at UK Company Registrations, we have direct links to Companies House, so you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with recognised experts when you decide to register a company of any kind.