Using A Company Formation Agent

Thinking of starting up your own company? Even if you have a brilliant idea for a new business, you’re probably a little bit unsure of what you need to do first. And if you want to obtain Limited status, you may feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. Company formation agents can assist you in the formation and registration of your new company with Companies House.

While a solicitor can assist you with the process of company formation, but often this can cost a lot money, and take a long time.

Using a company formation service can save you a lot of hassle and money. Most company formation agents offer different package deals based on the type and size of your business, so that the service you receive is tailor-made. You only pay what you need to pay, and the whole process usually only takes from a few hours up to one day.

They can take care of all the legal ins and outs, create all the necessary paper forms that you need, and make sure that you are doing things properly to avoid problems in the future.

Often these services also provide you with assistance and advice on other issues you have in your business or company, without the excessive fees you would pay a solicitor. Try to find a package that offers you the most support for your money.

If you don’t know who to choose, ask around. Try to find some new limited businesses in your area and ask them what company formation service they used.